Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395

Admiral Nakhimov

During one of our conversations with Pythagoras, Konstantinos, and Larisa, another Representative of the Creator came to us.

“Will You tell us Your name?”

“Admiral Nakhimov.”

“Could You relate Your biography?”

“Yes, if it is interesting to you.

“I was embodied in the Mediterranean region at the time when there existed branches of spiritual knowledge created by students of Pythagoras. Thanks to this knowledge and practical methods of development of oneself as a consciousness, I achieved significant transformation of oneself-soul.

“And this allowed Me in the next well-known incarnation to become a leader for very many people and to be remembered by the next generations — though not as a teacher of higher knowledge but just as a positive hero: a sea strategist who had parental care for his people. Being a giant soul, I could perceive with Myself-consciousness the disposition and actions of the fleets — and could take correct strategic decisions in military combat.

“I was a disciple of Babaji in both of His Incarnations known to you; I lived also in Mozambique and Cambodia, where I learned medical and healing knowledge.”

… At present time, Nakhimov, if one addresses Him, appears as a sea of the Divine Consciousness coming from the Mediterranean region and inviting one to submerge into Him, to become Him…

Once, in the very beginning of our spiritual work, we mastered the exercise called shavasana: lying on the back in deep relaxation, one had to learn, among other things, to fall down from the body and then to purify the body from coarse energies with the use of the hands of the consciousness. Now it became possible for us to perform ‘supershavasana’: having flowed into the sea of the Divine Consciousness of Nakhimov, having become Him, one can feel one’s own body floating on the surface of this sea and can purify it from everything non-Divine…*

And deeper than this ‘Sea of Nakhimov’ — there is the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness, from where Nakhimov rose to the more superficial — Brahmanic — layer of multidimensionality…

… Today Admiral Nakhimov helps incarnate people from the state of the Holy Spirit: as a Divine Teacher and a Divine Healer.

Let us learn from Him!