Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395

Rose of Love

We are on a visit to a southern city. In the suburb area with many houses and gardens, we see a Mahadouble of a Divine Lady.

It is springtime! Apple trees and other fruit-trees bloom everywhere in the gardens. Many insects crawl around in the tree blossoms. Merrily chirping sparrows fly from one branch to another and examine the blossoms. Their faces became yellow from the pollen. At first, we could not even recognize them as sparrows: we decided that this was a bird species unknown to us!

It turns out that birds (not only hummingbirds) can be pollinators of garden trees. Why does it happen? They seek flies in the blossoms! And thus they pollinate the blossoms!

We enter with the consciousnesses Her Mahadouble. Inside It we find overwhelming Bliss and a strong (non-material!) fragrance of spring flowers!

“Who are You? What is Your name?”

“Rose. You may call Me — Rose of Love!”

“We are glad to meet you! You give to us so wonderful spring Divine Bliss! You look like a Goddess of spring fragrance! Will You teach us something?”

Rose shows the following meditation:

There is Her Great Anahata. In it there are many caressing hands. With these hands one can touch flowers, trees, birds and give them Divine Love… These touches are like mutual kisses with those you kiss… The kisses make the emotional field of Love more intense! It grows and grows!

“It is wonderful, dear Rose! Thanks to You we had a good rest after our long trip! We will try to master this meditation of Yours!

“Will You tell us about Your personal life? How did You attain Divinity, how did You learn to create such an intense field of Love?”

“In My last incarnation I taught this meditation in Japan and Korea. Before it I was embodied in the land of Iran and worked in the Sufi tradition. And yet earlier I had a male incarnation among Buddhists and was already a Master of Buddhi Yoga.

“But I approached the Divine status even earlier — in the School of Carthage. He told you about His disciples. I did not manage to become one of the seven Masters: I had not learned all of My karma lessons.

“Next time I was embodied in this land. You know how auspicious for spiritual growth this place is. It is so, because here the expanse over the sea, which is so favorable for the development of the soul, and the greatest Divine Teachers are present! Sulia showed us Divine States; Carthage, Pythagoras, and Larisa helped us!

“Try to retain the meditation that I showed you: it will be very important for you in the most near future! And yet it is but an intermediate link in the series of new stages of your further growth!

“I wish you success! Surya and Sarkar will show you tomorrow the next steps you have to make!”