Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395

Pythagoras — Golden Verses

“To cognize the Divine Essence —
this is the highest purpose of a soul
sent by the Creator to the Earth!”


Pythagoras lived on the Earth about 570-500 B.C. He is known as a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was a strict vegetarian. In the town of Croton in southern Italy, He founded the theological brotherhood, which became widespread with time. The purpose of the Pythagorean brotherhood was the ethical renovation of society, purification of religious views, and imparting confidential methods of spiritual development to deserving students. The brotherhood was a monastic community consisting of both men and women, who regarded Pythagoras as an Incarnation of God. The activity of that great School ended due to a massacre perpetrated by primitive people…

… Pythagoras composed works on philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and music. He knew about the sphericity of the Earth and that inside it there is the Central Fire. He also taught about the immortality of souls and about their gradual development in a series of incarnations.

… At present, Pythagoras manifests Himself as a non-incarnate Divine Teacher, a Representative of the Creator. He supervises the area of the Mediterranean Sea and its coast.

* * *

… Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. His birth was predicted. Through a prophet God told the parents about the birth of a boy who would grow and become glorious thanks to his wisdom, beauty, and great deeds.

From childhood Pythagoras displayed abilities and interest in philosophy and other sciences. He studied medicine, biology, astronomy, and mathematics, learning them from famous scholars of that time; He learned also music and painting. Then He continued His religious education in Egypt, where He was initiated into priesthood. Then He went to Persia, where He continued studying the mystical knowledge.

At a mature age, Pythagoras founded His spiritual School in the city of Croton. We know about the work of this School from stories narrated by several great Disciples of Pythagoras, Who also attained Divinity in Mergence with the Creator thanks to Pythagoras’ help.

* * *

And now let us become acquainted with a translation of the ancient text Golden Verses of Pythagoras, which was studied by beginner students in His School.